Okanagan Researcher, Vol. 15 (4), June 1999

Beaverdell and Carmi Voters’ List for the 1935 Federal Election

Extracted and compiled by Kenneth G. Aitken

Copyright June 1999 by Kenneth G. Aitken, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

For the genealogist, the challenge of finding a surrogate for a census when doing early 20th century Canadian research is a real challenge. At the time of writing there is great concern by the historical and genealogical community about Stats Canada’s reluctance to make the 1911 and other 20th century censuses available to the public. Until this issue is resolved, the genealogist must continue to search for surrogates for the census. One of the most common surrogates mentioned in the genealogical literature is the voters’ list. The List of Electors, 1935 for Beaverdell and Carmi, attached to this article, is a sample of such a voters’ list. This voters’ list has certain limitations. The greatest limitation is that it is limited to those who are Canadian citizens or British subjects who have lived a certain period of time in the Carmi, Beaverdell area and who are over the age of 21 years, the legal voting age in 1935. Another serious limitation is that married or widowed women are identified solely by their husband’s name: “Mrs. Anthony Shavela”, rather than something more practical to the genealogists, like: “Ida Mae Shavela”. Another limitation is the absence of relationships and ages.

The attached voters list was created under the provision of the Dominion Franchise Act, which directed the federal government to create Lists of Electors for use in federal elections. The List of Electors for 1935 has been microfilmed, as have most other federal voters lists up to at least the late 1970s and are available from the National Archives of Canada.

The Lists of Electors are arranged alphabetically by the name of the electoral district (constituency) within each province. Beaverdell and Carmi fall in the Yale Electoral District. Within the electoral districts the lists are further arranged by polling station number and then by street address. Beaverdell and Carmi fall with Rural polling Station No. 6, “Beaverdell”. The only time these polling station lists are arranged alphabetically by the name of the elector is for some of the rural electoral districts and polling stations. Polling Station No. 6, Beaverdell is a good example. The original was not arranged in strict alphabetical order, but by first letter order. I have noted this is quite common on most lists in 1935.

The microfilm series for the 1935 electoral rolls are found in the National Archives of Canada and are listed in their Finding Aid 113-1 which covers the Office of the Chief Returning Officer. This Finding Aid was published in February 1989 and can be purchased from the National Archives of Canada. Yale Electoral District is found on microfilm M-4761.

Dominion Franchise Act

List of Electors, 1935

Electoral District of Yale, Rural Polling Division No. 6, Beaverdell

Surname Given Occupation PO Address
Barrett, George miner Beaverdell
Beamish, Edward miner Beaverdell
Bell, Alexander John miner Beaverdell
Benson, William miner Beaverdell
Berchtold, Fred section man Carmi
Berchtold, Walter section man Carmi
Berger, Leona, Miss housekeeper Carmi
Blackburne, William miner Beaverdell
Bongalis, George section foreman Beaverdell
Bongalis, George, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Bongalis, Paul section man Beaverdell
Bongalis, Paul, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Bradley, John miner Carmi
Brodie, John miner Beaverdell
Brown, Richard, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Brown, Richard miner Beaverdell
Bubar, Bayard farmer Beaverdell
Bubar, Bayard, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Bubar, Chas farmer Beaverdell
Bubar, Chas, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Cameron, Angus miner Beaverdell
Cameron, Angus, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Cappos, Constantine section man Beaverdell
Christisen, Nels miner Carmi
Clarke, Thos postmaster Beaverdell
Clarke, Thos, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Cook, John cook Beaverdell
Cousins, Edward miner Beaverdell
Cousins, Edward, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Cousins, Irvine miner Beaverdell
Cousins, Francis truck driver Beaverdell
Cousins, Francis, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Crowe, Thos. Edward blacksmith Beaverdell
Crowe, Thos. Edward, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Cummings, Ewart Gladstone miner Beaverdell
Dickson, Gordon miner Beaverdell
Didcote, Frank section forman Beaverdell
Didcote, Frank, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Drum, James miner Beaverdell
Drum, James, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Eaton, John Wesley farmer Beaverdell
Eaton, John Wesley, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Edstrom, Elmer Atli Efraim miner Beaverdell
Ellett, Bert Ernest, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Ellett, Bert Ernest miner Beaverdell
Elliott, Chas. Franklin miner Beaverdell
Elliott, Chas. Franklin, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Ferroux, Jean Francois farmer Carmi
Ferroux, Leon John section man Carmi
Ferroux, Leon, Mrs. married woman Carmi
Fletcher, Alfred Sydney miner Beaverdell
Ford, Henry section man Carmi
Foster, Ira Low miner Beaverdell
Fripp, Humphrey miner Beaverdell
Fripp, Humphrey, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Fritz, Frank blacksmith Carmi
Fry, Herbert miner Beaverdell
Fry, Herbert, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Gachain, Jean Pierre carpenter Carmi
Gallioz, John B. postmaster Carmi
Gallioz, John B., Mrs. married woman Carmi
Gilmore Chas. Ernest farmer Beaverdell
Gilmore Irma, Miss housekeeper Carmi
Gustafson, Axel, Mrs. cook Beaverdell
Gustafson Kermit miner Beaverdell
Halstrom, John miner Beaverdell
Hanna, Adeline, Miss spinster Beaverdell
Hanna, John, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Hanna, John Alex mine supt. Beaverdell
Harrison, James farmer Beaverdell
Harrison, James, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Henderson, Thos. miner Beaverdell
Henderson, Thos., Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Hendrickson, Arthur miner Beaverdell
Hood, Delbert E. labourer Beaverdell
Hood, Delbert, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Horner, Geoffrey farmer Beaverdell
Houck, Henry, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Houck, Henry storekeeper Beaverdell
Houlind, Oluf miner Beaverdell
Hoyes, Wm. Thomas physician Beaverdell
Hurley, Wm. Allan miner Beaverdell
Inglis, George Ross, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Inglis, George Ross miner Beaverdell
Jackson, Eric E. miner Beaverdell
Jensen, Frederick miner Beaverdell
Johnson, Jarl miner Beaverdell
Keefe, Eulie miner Beaverdell
Keefe, Walter labourer Beaverdell
Keefe, Walter, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Kelley, George miner Carmi
Kennedy, William mine foreman Carmi
Kernaghan, William truck driver Beaverdell
Kernaghan, Wm, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Kerr, James miner Carmi
Kerr, James, Mrs. married woman Carmi
Kerr, Mary, Miss stenographer Carmi
Kerr, Daniel miner Beaverdell
Kerr, John miner Carmi
Lane, John D. miner Beaverdell
Legiest, Raymond engineer Carmi
Lind, Charles miner Beaverdell
Lind, Charles, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Lindsay, Thos. school teacher Beaverdell
Lord, Edward mechanic Beaverdell
Lowndees, John miner Beaverdell
Lucente, Leonard miner Beaverdell
Lutner, Edwin Charles labourer Beaverdell
Lutner, Peter retired man Beaverdell
Madge, Victor Edward miner Beaverdell
Marsh, Thomas section foreman Carmi
Marsh, Thomas, Mrs. married woman Carmi
Matheson, James farmer Carmi
Mattson, Nels mine supt. Beaverdell
McDonald Finley mail carrier Beaverdell
McKenzie, Donald Edward labourer Beaverdell
McKenzie, Donald Edward, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
McLanders, Roy miner Beaverdell
McLanders, Roy, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
McLennon, Stanley miner Beaverdell
McPhee, Alex miner Beaverdell
McPhee, Alex, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Michaud, Albert miner Beaverdell
Monroe, Geo. Alex. section man Carmi
Monroe, Geo. Alex., Mrs. married woman Carmi
Montgomery, Wm. Boydell surveyor Beaverdell
Moran, Patrick, Mrs. hotel keeper Beaverdell
Morrison, Allan Richmond miner Beaverdell
Morrison, John Donald miner Beaverdell
Morrison, John Donald, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Mosti, Edward miner Beaverdell
Muir, Thomas, Mrs. hotel keeper Carmi
Muir, Thomas blacksmith Carmi
Mulhern, Samuel miner Beaverdell
Mulhern, Samuel, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Murray, Duncan John miner Beaverdell
Neaves, Ira cook Beaverdell
Neaves, William, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Neaves, William miner Beaverdell
Nordman, Charles miner Beaverdell
Nordman, Charles, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Noren, Carl farmer Beaverdell
North, Albert, Mrs. housekeeper Beaverdell
Olsen, Charles section man Carmi
Paterson, Gordon miner Beaverdell
Pederson, Hans A. restaurant keeper Beaverdell
Pederson, Hans A., Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Perry, Robt. Henry miner Beaverdell
Petterson, Frank Oscar farmer Beaverdell
Rambo, Washington H. miner Beaverdell
Richter, Frank Edward Sumner bookkeeper Beaverdell
Robertson, Malcolm section man Carmi
Rose, Emil blacksmith Beaverdell
Rusch, Roscoe section foreman Carmi
Rusch, Roscoe, Mrs. married woman Carmi
Russell, Charles mechanic Beaverdell
Russell, Harold miner Beaverdell
Russell, William miner Beaverdell
Sargent, Clayton section man Carmi
Saunders, Thos. Edward miner Beaverdell
Saunders, Thos. Edward, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Saunier, Eugene miner Carmi
Schofield, Arthur steam engineer Carmi
Schofield, Arthur, Mrs. married woman Carmi
Shavela, Anthony cook Beaverdell
Shavela, Anthony, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Shuster, Anthony miner Beaverdell
Smith, David retired man Beaverdell
Smith, Edward George trapper Beaverdell
Smith, Mark miner Beaverdell
Smith, Mark, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Snider, Charles labourer Beaverdell
Snider, Charles, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Staples, Edwin Palmer miner Beaverdell
Sutherland, George Duncan blacksmith Beaverdell
Sutherland, James farmer Beaverdell
Swanson, Swan Julius miner Beaverdell
Thomas, Joseph section man Carmi
Thompson, Milton miner Beaverdell
Timmermeister, Frederick mine foreman Beaverdell
Vickery, Aldo miner Carmi
Warrington, Wm. miner Beaverdell
Warrington, Wm., Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Watson, David carpenter Carmi
Worthing, Reginald miner Beaverdell
Worthing, Reginald, Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Worthing, Thos. miner Beaverdell
Worthing, Thos., Mrs. married woman Beaverdell
Wynne, Wm. J. prospector Beaverdell
Youngson, Wm. hotel keeper Beaverdell

Copyright June 1999 by Kenneth G. Aitken, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED