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May 2024 Family History Forum

Join us for our FREE Tuesday, May 28th Family History Forum, 6:30-8:00pm, via Zoom!
Ontario Land Records for Family History, presenter, Claire Smith-Burns                               
Many of us have ancestors who settled (at least for a short time) in Ontario. Ontario’s land records are almost all available online and are full of amazing information about your ancestors: hardships, immigration, military service, family members and so much more! We will do an overview of the types of records available, what they may contain and how to find them.
Family History Forums are a partnership presentation series of the Kelowna & District Genealogical Society and the Okanagan Regional Library. The topics vary but are typically at the beginner’s level in Family History research. All are welcome to these FREE Zoom presentations, but pre-registration is required through the ORL’s Events Calendar,, scroll down to the fourth Tuesday of the month (no FHF in Dec, July or August), 6:30pm and find, “Online Family History Forum.” Click on the event in the Calendar and follow the instructions. Be sure to enter your email address correctly and watch for the email from the ORL to confirm your registration and the Zoom link. A handout for the Family History Forum will also be sent via email shortly before the Forum date.

April 2024 Family History Forum

Hidden Genealogical Gems Online, presented by Claire Smith-Burns of the Kelowna & District Genealogical Society
The Internet has greatly impacted how we do genealogical research but we can get stuck using the same collection of websites and may miss some wonderful gems. This talk will survey some underused and little-known websites that could provide genealogical treasure to further your family history. If you’ve discovered a “hidden gem” website, please share this with the group at the end of Claire’s talk.

April 2024 General Meeting

Tips for Breaking Brick Walls
Every genealogist at some time while researching runs up against brick walls. Brick walls are when a research question such as finding the parents of an ancestor cannot be answered. There are simple techniques to help break through these walls. Lisa will share those techniques with us.
Lisa S. Gorrell is a Certified Genealogist®. She has served on boards of several genealogical societies and is currently the recording secretary with the Contra Costa County Historical Society in California, where she volunteers at their archives. She is a founding member and instructor of the new online Applied Genealogy Institute. She enjoys giving genealogy presentations and writing about her family on two blogs: “Mam-ma’s Southern Family” and “My Trails into the Past” She has written a three-generation family history about her husband’s Swedish ancestors.

Bite-Size Genealogy: FaceBook for Followers presenter Xenia Stanford
Why should you follow a page? How does it help you? We have been asking you to follow and like our page and like and comment on our posts, but do you know why and how to do this? This session will show you the advantages to you as well as KDGS in interacting with and engaging in our page and posts. It will also answer what is a page vs a profile vs a group and other questions you may have. Applying some of these simple techniques will help you get the feeds you want for the best advantage as a follower on Facebook.

March 2024 Family History Forum

Do you have English ancestry? If so, please join us for our FREE March 26th Family History Forum!
Finding Records for English Family History, presented by Teresa Smith
The most wonderful thing about researching our family history is that it takes us back to a personalized journey into the world where our ancestors once existed.  But that means we have to take a journey into finding the records that will tell us their story. As far as researching our ancestors from England is concerned, there is a wealth of documents available to us online. This presentation will guide you to finding the records which are now available to the researcher from birth, marriage and death records to their occupation and where they resided and even how they voted.

Heritage Week 2024 – February 19 – 25

National Heritage Week runs from Feb. 19 through to Feb. 25. One of the events offered during the week will be a Zoom talk hosted by the Okanagan Regional Library and the Kelowna & District Genealogical Society: Claire Smith-Burns will present, “Discover Your Ancestral Story.”
This talk will take you through the first steps in researching your family history and will include an emailed handout. As well, KDGS volunteers will provide some one-on-one guidance the next day, Wed., Feb. 21, from 1-3 on the 2nd floor of the downtown Kelowna Library, no registration necessary.

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May 2024 General Meeting

Organize Like an Archivist: Nancy Loe is a genealogist and has worked professionally in libraries and archives for four decades. She holds dual Master’s degrees from The Catholic University of America in American History and in...

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May 2024 Family History Forum

Join us for our FREE Tuesday, May 28th Family History Forum, 6:30-8:00pm, via Zoom! Ontario Land Records for Family History, presenter, Claire Smith-Burns                                Many of us have ancestors who settled (at...