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May 2023 General Meeting

“Bite-size” talk: Genealogy Societies around the World, presented by Heather Clifton – Genealogy societies are a great resource for anyone interested in family history research, as they offer access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as opportunities for networking and collaboration with other genealogists.  There are many genealogy societies around the world, each with its own unique focus and resources and Heather will be identifying some of those that are popular.

March 2023 General Meeting

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Main Topic: “Honoring Your Ancestors” presenter Sue Sullivan of Maple Ridge – Sorry, this video is not longer available

Bite-Size Genealogy: “Itsy Bitsy Life Stories” presenter Dorothy Blunden

September 2022 General Meeting

Main Program: Claire Smith-Burns“Pros and Cons of Putting your Family Tree Online” Claire gave us a great hand-out to go with the detailed information she showed us on the screen.  Hints on how to get the best results for making your research easier and more effective are most appreciated. The pros and cons of creating your online family trees were discussed. Where do you store your information? Do you have genealogy software? Do you sync with Ancestry?

Bite-Size Genealogy: Mary Read“Google Search Maps and images, are two of the drop-down items that can help in your research. Mary gave us several shortcuts for moving back and forth from one part to another. There are also YouTube videos with help for more ways to pinpoint your research.

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